When you’re in Love with Someone with Anxiety

By vragosta


This is tricky and hard to navigate, and it takes both parties to be willing to be uncomfortable and open to making compromises for one another. When you’re in a relationship with someone suffering from anxiety, it can be really overwhelming. It can be draining and exhausting to say the least. Patience is key from both parties. Everyone handles things differently. You don’t have to understand what your partner is going through, but you must always respect it. When someone you love is suffering with anxiety, you have to remember how unsafe they are feeling. They will often turn to you for solace and safety, because anxiety can be terrifying. But, let’s be real – there isn’t much a partner can do when they’re in the ‘eye of the storm’. You have to figure that out for yourself, but it always helps to have a light through the darkness. When someone belittles or criticizes your anxiety and/or depression, it’s makes it much harder to overcome. If you love someone, you must love them entirely. You must always take some bad with the good. I found this article above to be really helpful, maybe you will too.