How you can get help

By vragosta


I myself, was resistant to therapy and medication. I felt that I was stronger than my own mind and I should be able to conquer these issues without assistance. It was discouraging and frustrating to say the least, but the frustration grew into discomfort. At this point, there was no choice but to make changes. I stopped judging myself, and allowed myself to do something positive and necessary for myself. I started going to therapy and taking daily medication to manage the anxiety. Everyone handles their anxiety differently. I tried the “holistic” way for a while, but it wasn’t suited for me. Now I am on a journey of rebirth in a sense. I am becoming an improved version of myself. I am actively working on myself for the first time in my life. This is just the beginning. There is no shame in getting help. Below are some links to therapists, doctors, great forums, support groups and tons of information about anxiety. In my opinion, the more you know and understand anxiety, the less you will fear it.

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